Below are all of the sites that we presented and used in class today. These are also listed on your class handout. Please know that there are a large number of sites here. We will be presenting these tools a few at time and then give you time to work on the one or two that you find to be most applicable to your uses.

Tools for You

Tools for Your Students
  • Build Your Wild Self - - Avatar creator. Allows you to create an avatar and save it as an image for download. Great for students - no need to upload an actual picture of themselves as an online presence.
  • Glogster - - Online poster creator. Embed video, images, text, graphics and more. Teacher can create student accounts, view and approve student blogs and students can view/comment on classmates' glogs.
  • Prezi - - Non-linear presentation tool.
  • Storybird - - Digital story telling sight. Images provided, text added by user. Teacher can create student accounts, add assignments and due dates.
  • sketchfu - - Online whiteboard. Draw images for play-back. Create a class account for students to log in and share drawings of story maps, processes, solving problems, and drawings.
  • Voicethread - - Interactive slide shows.Teacher creates student "identities" so they can comment on slide shows and create their own.
  • Wallwisher - - Online post its. Great for student share-out or parking lot questions. Tom Barrett has a collection of ways to use Wallwisher in the classroom HERE
  • Word Cloud Generators

Tools for Research


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